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    Booster Number levels In game Description Effect Unlocked Icon
    Lollipop Hammer All Break a candy! Click on a candy (or blockers, except for chocolate players, ingredients) to destroy it or even jellies. 7 level
    Move extras (5) All except programmed levels Activate now to get 5 extra moves! Add 5 additional moves. 8 level
    Jellyfish Jelly levels Add Jelly Fish candies to the caramel mix, which clears three pieces of jelly when three candies match! Summons 3 Jelly Fish to eat jelly beans at random. For more effects with Jelly Fish, see Special Candy (Combinations section). 9 level
    Pump color All Start the game with a color bomb! Start with a color bomb on the screen. For more effects with Color Bomba, see Special Candies (Combinations section). 13 level
    Coco Rueda Ingredient drop levels Add powerful Coconut Wheels to the caramel mix! It turns three candies into striped candies. For more effects with Coco Rueda, see Special Caramels (Combinations section). 15 level
    Free switch All Swap two mismatched candies! Allows you to swap 2 mismatched candies, however this booster still allows you to swap 2 matching candies. 19 level
    Extra time Timed levels Start the game with an extra 15 seconds of playtime! Gives the player an additional 15 seconds. 27 level
    Striped and Wrapped All Start the game with a and a striped candy wrapped! Start with a striped and a candy wrapped screen. : Level 35

    : Level 34

    Sweet teeth All The teeth with a sweet tooth. Very fond of chocolate, liquorice and jam. Oh the sweet jam! Eat various licorice lockblockers, chocolate, licorice swirls, icing and jam. 52 level
    Cooler Pump The levels, withvisible  candy bomb on screen at the beginning of the level Add 5 to the countdown of all visible bombs! Add five extra moves to Candy Bombs. If there are no bombs on the screen when the level starts (if they come later, or are in dispensers) the boost will not be available for an unknown reason ... 97 level
    Caramelo Lucky Candy levels Request Add Lucky caramel to the caramel mixture, which will transform into useful caramel when removed! Brand registration of balls that produce a special candy (or regular candy, if the level only has the order of regular candy). 131 level
    Bubblegum Troll The levels, with a players chocolate Unleash the Bubblegum Troll to eliminate all the chocolate and put an end to the evil chocolate players! Eliminate all chocolate and lock all chocolate players in the game for 5 moves. 156 level
    Additional Moves (3) All except Timed Levels Gift from a friend! Start the level with 3 extra moves! Sent by friends, add 3 additional moves. (only by friend on Facebook)
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