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    Movement levels

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    Each filtering bag movement levels they are one of the five types of levels in Candy Crush Saga. They first appeared in Candy Town, at level 1. Movement levels are quite rare, with 22 levels currently, representing 2,8% of all levels. In the Dream World it has more movement levels than in La Realidad, and the trend without movement levels is lower.

    Compared to the gelatin levels and ingredient levels, the movement levels are pretty easy, but they are a bit more difficult than the time levels.


    • 1. Objective
    • 2 Difficulty
      • 2.1 The Reality
      • 2.2 Dream World


    To win in the move levels, the player has to get a certain number of points with a certain number of moves. When there are no more moves, the Sugar Crush will activate all the special candies that are present on the board.



    These levels are pretty easy. The only difficult move levels are 97, 98, and 646, which are considered the most difficult move levels. Hardly its difficulty is beyond considerably hard (except level 646) however, but it is considered that the difficult levels are due to the candy bombs. Most of the later levels of moves contain candy bombs, and with levels of moves, you must really end up having to spend all of your moves to complete the level; If you reach the goal score, but do not spend all your moves due to an exploding bomb, you still do not complete the level.

    Dream world

    Move levels are the easiest type of level in the Dream World. There are no levels of movements that are incredibly difficult, but there are some that are very difficult, but not too many unlike other types. They are 43 (in the mobile version), 114, and 122, as the levels of difficult movements.

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