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    Each filtering bag blockers they are common elements in the levels of Candy Crush Saga. These are actually obstacles that prevent a player from reaching the candies. They usually occupy only one space (with the exception of pastry bombs that occupy 4 spaces), threatening to obtain candy and can be very annoying. There are many different types of blockers introduced throughout the game. Each blocker has unique properties, such as chocolate being able to multiply if not broken in a single motion, and licorice spiral which are resistant to specialty candies. Some blockers are easier to remove than others and cannot be interchanged with other candies, with the exception of licorice swirls and candy bombs.

    Almost every level has at least one type of blocker. Levels can have up to five types of blockers. The first level to have two different types of blockers is level 25, and the first level to have three different types of blockers is level 52.


    Despite being obstacles on the boards, they can be very useful. Some examples are:

    • The licorice swirls and frosting can prevent the chocolate from spreading.
    • Chocolate can "eat" a candy bomb. This is very useful at level 107.
    • Candy bombs may be able to create special candies.

    Blockers list

    Image Name First apparition Properties
    Glazed 21 level
    Level 1 (Dream World)
    It is the easiest blocker to destroy, and also the first blocker to be introduced.
    Licorice ribbon 25 level
    Level 15 (Dream World)
    The candies locked in them cannot be moved.
    Chocolate 51 level
    Level 32 (Dream World)
    It is capable of multiplying itself by not combining candies near it.
    Licorice spiral 81 level
    Level 81 (Dream World)
    Resistant to scratched candies and color bombs, it can also be moved by the player.
    Candy bomb 96 level
    Level 96 (Dream World)
    It explodes if it is not eliminated in time, it is also another blocked that can be moved by the player.
    50px Multi-layer frosting 111 level
    Level 111 (Dream World)
    They are capable of up to five layers.
    Chocolate generator 156 level
    Level 156 (Dream World)
    Impossible to destroy, so it is always at the level the player is playing. It is capable of generating chocolate every other movement when there is no chocolate on the board.
    Marmalade 186 level
    Level 186 (Dream World)
    They almost always contain useful specialty candies, such as color bombs or chameleon candies.
    Pastry pump 366 level
    Level 366 (Dream World)
    It occupies 4 spaces on the board, removes all the content of the board when destroying it.
    Tofe tornado 411 level
    Level 411 (Dream World)
    They move on their own. You can "remove" them from the board completely if "hit" by special candies.
    50px Sugar chest 711 level They are containers that contain certain elements that block the goal of the level. The only way to destroy them is to make a move with a sugar key.
    Popcorn 771 level It can only be destroyed by special candies. At 3 hit it will turn into a color bomb.
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