Candy Factory

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Joel Fulleda
Author and references
Reality Dream world
File: 2
Episode 2
Mundo world world 1
levels 11 - [[Level 20 | 20]
Characters Roberta
Champion title candy factory master
New arrivals
Release date 23 March it 2012
Difficulty very easy
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candy town Lake of Limonada


  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Facebook version
    • 1.2 Mobile version and formerly Facebook
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    • 2.1 Types of levels
    • 2.2 Elements
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Facebook version

Episode start:
Tiffi sees that the robot is not walking properly.
End of episode:
Tiffi activates the soda machine to pour some soda into the robot, the robot then jumps for joy, but a small propeller on its body spins too fast until it flies off and hits the soda machine, causing the glass container. breaks, therefore soda starts to come out.

Mobile version and formerly Facebook

Episode start:
Tiffi sees the malfunctioning robot, gives it a candy, and the robot responds, "Bzzt ... pling ... more ... candy ...".
End of episode:
Tiffi drops a candy on the robot, and the robot starts working fine and thanks him insisting help.

New arrivals

Types of levels

  • Ingredient levels () They are entered at level 11. The ingredients are special sweets, a cherry and a hazelnut, which must be collected at specific points on the board (marked by a small green circle with an arrow pointing down).


  • Double jelly is introduced at level 18. It is a type of jelly that is eliminated in two movements.


  • Color bomb at level 13.
  • Coconut wheel at level 15.
  • Free exchange at level 19.


  • Easiest level none.
  • Hardest level:
  • More fun level: Undetermined.

It contains levels 11 to 20. The difficulty of the episode is considered easy, the only levels that can be difficult are 13 and 14. In general, it is a little more difficult than the previous episode, Candy Town, but not that much, since it's barely episode 2.

There are 5 levels of gelatin , 4 ingredient levels and 1 level of Movements. .

Template: Difficulty

levels Type movements Target score Meta Tutorial
11 50 1.000 : 1
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 11


First level of ingredients ( ), capable of completing it with a single movement.
12 35 40.000 : 1   : 3
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 12


13 21 23.000 : 23
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 13


The Color Bomb booster is unlocked.
14 40 45.000 : 45
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 14


15 16 70.000 : 7
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 15


The Coconut Wheel booster is unlocked. The first level to have 4 candies.
16 30 75,000 Template: Jelly
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 16


One of the few levels whose candies are not located at the beginning of the level.
17 19 40.000 : 4
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 17


18 16 40.000 : 20
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 18


First level with double gelatin.
19 35 75.000 : 43
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 19


The Free Trade booster is unlocked.
20 20 15,000 : 15.000 points in 1 minute.
File: Candy Crush Saga Level 20



  • Like Candy City, they are the only episodes in La Realidad with 10 levels.
  • Along with Candy Town, they are the only episodes with a champion title that contains their names on it.
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