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    Jelly levels are one of five types of levels in Candy Crush Saga. The icon for this type of level is blue with a white square. Jelly levels first appear in Candy Town, the first episode, at level 6.

    Gelatin levels are the most common type of level, with 352 levels currently, representing 43,19% of all levels. On average, episodes have 5 to 6 levels of gelatin. Previous episodes usually had 7 or 8 gelatin levels, but recently published episodes tend to have around 6.

    They are considered the hardest types of level, since most of the more difficult levels, such as 70, 109, 125, 167, 275, 290, 305, 323, 350, 394, 410, 414, 434, 437, 461 , 530, 549, 562, 565, 567, 578, 617, 673, etc are all levels of gelatin. For the most part, the gelatin levels when new episodes are released tend to be the kind of levels that end up being marked as insanely hard. The list can go on and on and many non-infamous levels can become difficult.


    To complete the levels of jelly, the player must eliminate it on the board. At most gelatin levels, it's harder than it sounds. Gelatin is translucent in appearance, and it can only break if a candy is removed in a place with jelly. Once all the jelly on the entire board is removed, the player completes the level.

    At level 18, double jellies are introduced. These jellies are white and cloudier in appearance and take two hits to destroy.

    Gelatin fish are helpful for this level, but buying the booster dose is not highly recommended. It can be useful for very hard jelly levels, as they can respawn multiple times within the movement limit (spawn speed varies). If they are destroyed, it will help to clean 3 squares of jelly. Another cool feature about them is that they can get jellies behind blockers (except for spiral licorice and licorice ribbons).

    One color bomb + one jelly fish can create up to 12 fish.

    When all the jelly is destroyed, the sugar crush is activated and 3 fish per remaining play will swim on the screen and eat random sweets.

    Difficulty (Reality)

    Jelly levels are consistently the hardest kind of levels in this game. According to the hardest level poll, a jelly level was voted the hardest in the game. Most of the terribly difficult levels are the jelly levels. Some unknown levels are not the most difficult, but in general when comparing candy order level or ingredient level, it is usually more difficult.

    There are more double jellies in the game than single jellies. At higher levels, individual ones rarely appear.

    Difficulty (Dream World)

    Jelly levels are not as difficult in the dream world as they are in reality. The main reason they are not that difficult is because moon struck melts a large amount of jelly due to massive waterfalls. While destroying a candy, a layer of jelly will be erased. This effect is stronger with 6 color levels, as there are 2 candies pulled from the board, causing a lot of combos just for the moon struck. Also, a bigger board creates a bigger effect.

    They seem to have fewer moves, but they don't require as many moves to finish as in reality. Most difficult jelly levels in reality are easier in dream world. The most notable levels are levels 65, 147, 197, 213, 275, etc.

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