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    Ingredient levels

    Ingredient levels (also known as ingredient drop levels) is one of the six types of levels in Candy Crush Saga. The icon for this type of level is green with a white arrow pointing down. Ingredient levels first appear in Candy Factory, the second episode, and the first ingredient level is level 11.

    Ingredient levels are the third most common level type, accounting for 20.19% of the Reality levels in 1067 unmixed appearances of the 5285 levels. Adding in the 649 drop-down mixed levels of jelly, there are 1716 appearances.

    On Dreamworld, they represent 27.22% of the levels, with 181 total appearances out of the 665 levels.

    The current trend is 0 to 2 ingredient levels per episode. Some previous episodes have 5, and Bubblegum Bridge has 7. Wafer Wharf has only one ingredient level. However, Blueberry Brush, Bonbon Beanstalk, and Apricot Alley don't even have an ingredient level. Most of the episodes between Chocolate Barn and Waffle Workshop have 3 or 4 levels of ingredients. Most of the episodes in World Twelve to World Twenty also have around 3-4 levels of ingredients. Precious Pond has 6 ingredient levels, and it's one of the few episodes with more ingredient levels than gelatin levels.

    Ingredient levels are considered easier than gelatin levels, but there are still some very hard and extremely hard ingredient levels, such as 352, 445, 586, 629, 664, 709, 772, 857, 893, 939, 959, 964, 1085, 1142, 1148, 1247, 1330, 1374, 1410, 1449, 1557, 1639, 1796, 1893, 1931, 2005, 2041, 2146, 2286, 2398, 2415, 2419, 2452, 2460, 2515, 2535, 2598, 2696, 2714, 2777, 2796, 2815, 2827, 2893, 2903, 2918, 2934, 2973, 2978, 2993, 3001, 3012, 3034, 3070, 3076, 3127, 3434, 3741, 3750, 3752, 3818 and 4005.


    The two items that only appear in this type of level are cherries and hazelnuts.

    Ingredient outlet

    An outing of ingredients

    The ingredients come out of the mobile

    An outlet for ingredients on mobile devices

    See the full ingredient tier list here (full details) or here (quick view)

    To win an ingredient level, the player must bring all the required ingredients to the bottom of the board (or anywhere there is a green arrow). At some levels, only one ingredient is needed, and at others, up to 18 ingredients are needed.

    There are 2 types of ingredients that a player will need to knock down: cherries and hazelnuts. Some levels require cherries, some require hazelnuts, and some require both. Currently there is no functional difference between the 2 types of ingredients. You will need to drop a certain number of each to complete the level. 10,000 points are awarded for each ingredient collected.

    The ingredients fall like normal candy. They come across the top of the board, usually after another ingredient has been removed. Some levels start with ingredients already on the board, and at levels 217 and above, ingredients sometimes come out of a dispenser.

    When all the ingredients have been collected, a striped candy is made for each remaining move, giving 3.000 points for each one. Then each of the striped candy fires

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