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Mr. Toffee

Mr. Toffee is the deuteragonist of Candy Crush Saga. He gives you some advice if you have problems on one level. On the other hand, in the mobile versions, he is the one who gives you the requirements to pass. He is a controlled puppet, and is first seen in the episode Candy Town.


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Physical appearance

He is very thin, commonly described as a "bamboo man". He is also very tall, more than twice the height of Tiffi. He has curly orange hair. His eyebrows, goatee, and mustache are also orange. His hands are gigantic, almost the size of his head.


He wears a small red hat on his head. He wears a red suit with a blue bow and blue pants. He wears a monocle over his eyes.


He is careful and helps Tiffi. Not much is known about his personality, as he appears little in the game.


He appears in Candy Town. In the mobile version, it asks you to pass this level through some paths.

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Mr. Toffee with Tiffi in the Candy Town level.Brief description of Mr. ToffeeMr. Toffee giving the player a Powerup Tip
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