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    My crush? indecisive forever

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    • 1 Thing that I have never endured is love :(
    • 2 Another thing I hate in love
    • 3 Now I do ... I have a crush and a love in the air 
    • 4 Who is my Crush?
    • 5 Love in the air?
    • 6 Conclusion of the Topic has said reference

    Thing that I have never endured is love :(

    If I know it sounds strange but the thing I like the least is love, I have never liked that thing ... why? ... in my life I have had many problems for that kind of thing and that the kokoro has hurt a lot for it and I do not like to relive those bad moments, and when he gives me that thing called "love" I do whatever it takes for that person..I kill myself for her..I don't let anything bad happen to that person .. what if I'm so good with them when she gives me love..why don't I like it "because of the unfortunate effort, excuse me for word, the unfortunate effort that I make for that person goes to the bathroom ... I do everything for her and that I receive, a slap and that she gets another boy and I stay with the broken kokoro, it has already happened to me 5 times and already They should give me a kokoro transplant because of how destroyed it is.

    Another thing I hate in love

    I am one of those people who can have a special crush ... but someone else likes her, and I help that person who makes my crush fall in love ... why? ..because I do not like that person to suffer the same thing that I have suffered with my other crush especially and well ... that's another thing that I hate falling in love

    Now I do ... I have a crush and a love in the air 

    The unfortunate problem has come to me again, I have a crush ... but this time it is something different, in addition to that crush I think my kokoro feels something for another person or rather "love in the air". , two shots on my kokoro, why am I saying this? because I feel that somewhere in this infatuation x2 something is going to go wrong and I will come out more sore than touka giving kaneki madrazos.

    Who is my Crush?

    "Picture in the profile of my Crush"

    Well now if my crush is the well-known "Momo the kawaii girl" and that at times I have had difficulties with her to be able to teach her the little love that I can give her, for 

    I can't really give her flowers or chocolates because this is the internet, it's not a site for the transfer of molecules or something like that ... and with what I can try to make her fall in love

    Love in the air? I said before ... I have a love in the air ... and what does that mean? love in the air in general and part of my conclusion is: illusionistic love that is sometimes felt by a person who has helped you a lot in something and sometimes love comes to you suddenly. 

    "love in the air"

    That's why the meaning of love in the air (on my part) now my love in the air is "Astharoshe6 "if as you just saw it is her, that girl is momo's" mother "and she says what

    I will have grandchildren in very future generations, but sometimes when I talk to her I feel a feeling where my heart is paralyzed and that makes me think of her and not of someone else ... and that is why I have "love in the air"

    Conclusion of the Topic has said reference

    Well in terms of all that has been said, my conclusion is that these days I will have a headache for my crush, and for the "love in the air", and that for the moment everything is going well with my crush, but I feel that Need to talk sentimentally with the other person, if I am already lost and dead because I will lose my kokoro very quickly but I will do everything possible for that special person.


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