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    Time levels

    Timed levels (also known as time levels or limited time levels) is one of the six types of levels in Candy Crush Saga. The icon for this type of level was purple with an hourglass.

    The goal of this type of level was to earn at least one star before time ran out.

    The timed levels had effectively been removed from the game, although it could be that King is expecting a critical reception by removing the timed levels. In HTML5, they have been redesigned for other types of levels. They are still present, but can only be accessed by playing the Flash version or using an older mobile version that has been configured to prevent the update.

    During the first two months of 2018, the movement levels replaced some timed levels, signaling an early phase of phase-out. At the end of February, the affected levels were 1710, 1891, 1995 and more.

    At the beginning of March 2018, many previously timed levels were replaced by movement levels, which was another sign of the last few days of this type of level. Fan favorite level 252 turned into a moves level. In the first week of April 2018 alone, most of the remaining timed levels were converted to other types of levels. The next update or two was supposed to remove all the remaining timed levels. This came true when the last remaining timed tier, tier 18, was removed in the first week of May. It became the symbol of the official elimination of the timed levels.

    However, there are still timed levels in the Flash version that can be played on the browser. See here the list of timed levels in Flash.

    It was the only type of level that was not restricted by movement.

    To pass a timed level, a certain score had to be reached within the allotted time, so that it would earn at least one star. When a match subsequently resulted in three waterfalls, a +5 candy would drop. If waterfalls were still in progress, a +5 candy would drop after every four waterfalls. When the time is up, all the special candies will activate, then +5 candies will turn into wrapped candies and activate.

    When an overtime candy is paired, it would only grant 5 seconds or refill the timer, whichever is less.


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