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    Types of Levels

    There are currently five types of levels throughout the entire series. Each type of level has a unique and different objective. All levels are marked with a color based on your goals.

    Level Type Description
    These types of tiers were first introduced in tier 1, and they account for about 3% of all tiers. These levels are marked with orange. At these levels, the goal is to reach the amount of points given for progress. After level 465, these levels reappear at level 609. The last level of moves is level 792. When the Sugar Crush occurs, any special candies will be activated.
    These levels do not appear until Level 6, and they represent about 43% of all levels. His last appearance is currently Level 815. These levels are marked in blue. The only way to pass these is to clear the amount of Gelatin in a certain number of movements necessary to overcome it.
    These levels appear when the player completes Level 10. These levels represent about 27% of all levels and are marked in green. To pass, the player has to get the amount of ingredients in a series of moves. The last Ingredient level is currently Level 813. When Sugar Crush is produced, a striped candy for each remaining move will be generated and activated. Any special treats that are left will also be activated.
    These levels make their first appearance at level 20 and represent only 5% of all levels. His last appearance is currently Level 725. The only way to pass is to reach a series of points in a specified time. When Sugar Crush is produced, any +5 candy will activate and act similar to a wrapped candy. Any other special candies that remain will be activated. These levels are marked in purple.
    Candy orders
    These levels do not appear until level 126, and the last one is level 807. They are made up of about 22% of all levels, and are marked in pink. To advance, the player has to collect a quantity of certain types of sweets, and / or make a series of combinations. When the sugar crush occurs, any pending movement will create a striped candy and it will be activated. This also happens with leftover specialty treats.


    • Each randomly created striped candy during the Ingredient and Candy Order levels will yield 3.000 points during the Sugar Crush.
    • Jelly levels are the most dominant levels, accounting for 43% of all levels, while movement levels are the least dominant, accounting for only 3% of all levels
    • Jelly levels are voted the hardest of all, even the hardest level throughout the game (350 and level 461) are a jelly level.
    • Timed Levels on the other hand, are considered easier, due to the fact that the player has unlimited movements, and that no time levels are more difficult than "very hard". However, they tend to be the hardest to earn three stars (level 297 is the hardest level in reality to earn three stars.
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